Debit Card

With the Co-op Bank Visa ® International Debit Card (IDC) you will continue to enjoy access to the full range of services you have grown accustomed to – cash withdrawals, balance transfers, inquiries, deposits, bill payments etc.  You also have access to the Public Service Co-operative Credit Union and the Communal Co-operative Credit Union ATMs.gcbl-debit-card

In addition, you can withdraw cash from any ATM or at any financial institution where the Visa® and Plus® marks are displayed. Using your Co-op Bank Visa IDC within Co-op Bank, PSCCU and 3CU’s shared network of ATM and Point of Sale devices, you get the added benefit of reduced cardholder transaction fees compared to other points of usage.

Look for the Connex© logo at merchants anywhere locally.

There is a small fee incurred when you use your Visa IDC at any merchant. This fee is further reduced when the merchant displays the Connex© mark. Therefore, the more you use your  Co-op Bank Visa ® IDC wherever you see the Connex© mark displayed simply means you will save more by way of reduced transaction fees.

With the strength of Visa ® behind our Visa ® International Debit Card you will have the peace of mind knowing that your money will remain safe and available to you wherever you are.