Super Starter Higher Education Loan Plan (HELP)

Higher Education is the key to unlocking the door to infinite possibilities for your future. Co-op Bank places that key in the palm of your hands with our Higher Education Loan Plan (HELP).

Now you can truly explore these endless possibilities.Co-op Bank’s Super Starter Higher Education Loan Plan puts the opportunity for higher education pursuits within your grasp. HELP is affordable, accessible and eases the burden of one of life’s most important decisions.

With HELP you can pursue any area of study, anywhere in the world, with benefits such as:

  1. Full coverage for tuition and fees, accomodation and books
  2. Convenient and flexible repayment terms
  3. Pre-approved Credit Card
  4. One return ticket annually where applicable
  5. The opportunity to win lottery prize or airline ticket annually
  6. Reduced Fees

Choose from any one of our two plans:  

Gold Plan Interest is capitalized at the end of study and small minimum principal repayments are made during study.

Platinum Plan Offers the convenience of repaying interest during period of study. The balance never increases while interest is paid during period of study.

To get HELP, you will need:

  1. An acceptance letter from the Education institution
  2. Document showing full cost of studies  
  3. Security (Real estate, shares, bonds etc., cash, Super Starter Education Investment Plan or EIP, guarantees)
  4. Life Insurance Protection