Account Opening Requirements

Opening an Account at Co-op Bank is easy!

1. Identification

             Verification of Identity

For Grenadian nationals, simply provide us with one piece of valid identification. Identification for a national must be issued in Grenada, if not two pieces of identification are required.

For non-nationals, we require two pieces of valid identification.   All copies of identification must be clear.

Accepted Identification:

  1. National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Card - preferred
  2. Passport
  3. Driver’s license
  4. Any state approved ID that contain a photograph and date of birth.
            Proof of Address
  1. Drivers license and other valid identification
  2. Recent utility bills
  3. Credit Card statements or other bank statements
            Proof of Income
  1. Financial/bank statements for the past year, for self employed persons
  2. Salary slips or job letter for the employed
  3. Evidence of payroll deposit on account along with verbal confirmation by customer.

Please note that a Bankers reference letter is required for non-nationals.

2. Application

Complete our Personal Application Form to start the application process with us.

If sent from overseas, all signatures affixed to application forms or signature cards and copies of identification must be authorized by a Notary Public.


3. Minimum Opening Balance
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