Richard W. Duncan,
Acc. Dir., B.Sc, M.A., CGA, AICB, Managing Director                                                       
Deon Moses,
B.Sc., M.Sc., FICB, Chief Operating Officer
Aaron Logie,
FCCA, MBA, Executive Manager, Finance (On Rotation – Retail Banking)
Floyd Dowden,
AML/CA, AICB, MBA-IB, Executive Manager, Operations & Administration 
Nadia Francis-Sandy,
B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, Executive Manager, Corporate & Commercial Banking
Julia G. Lawrence,
B.S., MBA-IBF, Chief Audit Executive
Willvorn Grainger,
Dip. Management (Hons.), CRU, Executive Manager, Retail Sales and Service
Peter Antoine,
B.Sc., AICB, Senior Programme, Research & Strategic Officer
Jennifer Robertson,
Dip. Banking, AICB, CIRM, CRU, Dip. BA, Executive Manager, Risk
Nicola Philip-Walcott,
B.Sc., Executive Manager, Human Resource
Allana Joseph,
B.Sc., CGA, CPA, AICB, AML/CA, Executive Manager, Finance (Ag.)
Marquez Mc Sween,
Sales and Service Manager, Spiceland Mall
Shane Regis,
AICB, B.Sc (Hons.) Sales and Service Manager, Grenville
Rachael Phillip-Bethel,
Sales and Service Manager, Carriacou
Roger Duncan,
FICB, Sales and Service Manager, St. George’s
Roland Fletcher,
AICB, MBA, Sales and Service Manager, Sauteurs
Keri-Ann St. Louis-Telesford,
B.S., Human Resource Officer
Garvin Baptiste,
B.Sc., Senior IT Officer
Keisha Greenidge,
B.Sc., M.Sc., Senior Manager, Credit Risk
Ericka Hosten,
B.Sc., Manager, Customer Insights Unit
Samica Roberts,
B.Sc., Marketing Officer (Ag.)