You can pay your taxes through:

  1. Account transfers (Click here to enroll).
  2. Debit and Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

The following taxes can be paid immediately after launch of service in July of 2013:

  1. Property Tax
  2. Value Added Tax
  3. Annual Stamp Tax
  4. Income TaxPersonal
    • Corporate
    • Pay as you Earn (PAYE)

Requirements for paying taxes online:

  • E-user Name and Password (Must be registered as an e-user)
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Current account with the Grenada Co-operative Bank (for account to account transfers only)
  • Tax identification Number

Tax Terms relevant to Payment:

  • TIN - taxpayer identification number
  • Tax Period - Year or month to which payment is being made
  • Tax type - What tax is being paid
  • Payment order - A number would be automatically generated by the system
  • Payment methods - the medium used to make payment
  • Tax payable - Value being paid