Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited, the Grenada Public Service Co-operative Credit Union and now most recently, the Communal Co-operative Credit Union (April, 2014), in conjunction with the Caribbean Credit Card Co-operation (4Cs) formed the Connex® brand. This partnership has produced many benefits for customers of the three financial institutions, one of which is the Visa International Debit Card®.

The major advantage of owning a Co-op Bank Visa® International Debit Card is that in addition to being affiliated with the well-established Visa® brand, it also has the added benefit of being backed by the Connex® network; a guarantee of security and reliability.

The International Debit Card, backed by the Visa® and Connex® networks, facilitates safe, quick, convenient and easy payments at a wide range of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and ATMs, local and overseas, as well as online shopping outlets, by deducting the amount directly from the user’s account. The International Debit Card can be used at any location, where Visa® Debit Cards are accepted, however to capitalize on the Connex® experience and receive reduced transaction fees; customers should use their IDCs wherever the Connex® logo is displayed.

CONNEX® (Grenada) Inc.

The owners and founding shareholdres of the Connex® Brand are committed to providing the citizens of the Eastern Caribbean with the modern convenience of easy and cost effective full electronic access to their funds, while traveling withing the states of the OECS. In support of this committment, the Company will permit any indigenous financial institution to become a participant within the Connex® ATM and POS networks through sponsorship by any one of the founding shareholders.

The company is committed to the use of best practice operating standards and continued compliance with regulatory bodies at all times, at maximum effectiveness and minimum cost. It will endeavour to pursue the usage of the latest available infrastructure to meet the expecttations of all participants within its ATM and POS networks, taking into consideration, the ever changing demands of the market place.


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