Co-op Bank Loan Checklist

Dear Valued Customer, here is what you must provide to realize your goals in the shortest possible time…

1. Personal Informationeasy-as-123

You must provide:

  • An employment Letter
  • The most recent Pay slip
  • Photo I.D.
  • Salary assignment or other assignment
  • Current Bank Statement (deposit & loan if any)
  • Statement of Outstanding Debts

PLEASE NOTE: If you currently reside overseas, you need to provide in addition to the above:

  • Tax Returns for the last two years
  • Two pieces of photo I.D.
  • Most recent pay slips (at least four)
  • Recent Credit Report from Credit Bureau

PLEASE NOTE: If any party to the loan resides abroad, the signature of that applicant must be notarized.

2. For Purchasing Your

  • Consumer Items, Vacations, Medical: Evidence of Borrowings (bill heads, quotations, etc.)
  • Vehicles: Valuation of vehicle (if used), Bill head (if new), quotation for Comprehensive Insurance, Down-payment based on age and type of vehicle.
  • Land Purchases: Title Deed of Land (copy/original), Surveyor’s Plan, Property Valuation, Up-to-date Land/Property Tax Receipt, Sale Agreement.
  • Constructing a Building: Detailed estimated cost of building, approved building plan by Land Development Authority, Scope of constructor’s work, contract with the builder (where applicable), All Peril Insurance to cover market value of the building(s) (during and after construction).
  • Purchasing a Building: Valuation of the property, Sale Agreement, Life Insurance to cover total loan value, All Peril Insurance to cover market value of the building(s).

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, you may be required to submit additional information. Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or concerns.