Super Starter EIP

Super Starter Education Investment Plan

At Co-op Bank we will help make your dreams of a better education a reality. Our Super Starter Education Investment Plan is the ideal way to embark on that journey of discovery because it is more than savings; it is a well planned investment strategy for educational advancement.

Creating a Super Starter Education Investment Plan is an excellent way to put aside money to fund the increasingly expensive cost of higher education. Let our Super Starter be the perfect boost to get you or your child off to a good start.

Super Starter Silver Plan Choose this plan to manage and meet expenses in preparation for primary school.
Super Starter Gold Plan The perfect package to see your child through secondary school.
Super Starter Platinum Plan Save in advance for a tertiary level education.

A Super Start for Future StarsGraduate Jumping for Joy

  • Start your plan with as little as $25
  • Save exclusively for educational purposes
  • Plans can be established for persons from birth
  • Choose one OR a combination of the three plans available
  • Enjoy preferential interest rate per annum, paid quarterly
  • Make lump sum contributions at anytime to accelerate savings
  • Free standing orders to make payments
  • Opportunity to win a scholarship in any of the plans
  • Opportunity to earn additional rewards with Star Points
  • You determine the length and value of the plan
  • Proceeds from the plan can be used to pay for the cost of a range of educational, vocational or career training, including full-time and part-time study.

We are committed to the educational development of our customers. To demonstrate this, each year we will award seven scholarships to eligible account holders in each Plan category of our SUPER STARTER Education Investment Plan.

Super Starter Silver Scholarship Seven lucky customer, one form each parish will be warded a one-year scholarship to meet Primary School expenses.
Super Star Gold Scholarship Seven lucky customers, one from each parish, will be awarded a one year scholarship to meet Secondary School expenses.
Super Star Platinum Scholarship A scholarship will be warded to one customer to fulfill their dream of tertiary education at any university, anywhere in the world.

*** Scholarships would be determined on a lottery basis annually in May.

Completing hard work and achieving excellence deserves great rewards. We applaud brilliance and aim to recognize our achievers and encourage continued exceptional performance with our Star Points Reward System.

Our Star Points Reward is an additional and easy way to boost your Super Starter Education Investment Plan.


Star Points are:

  • You must present an official report card/transcript at the end of each academic year and redeem your Star Points.Awarded for each grade “A” or “1” received
  • Valued at $3 each
  • Credited to your chosen Super Starter Plan IMMEDIATELY