L31 Conference, St. Andrew

This property can be yours if you are:

  • Looking for prime agricultural land for farming purposes.
  • Looking for a good location to develop for commercial or investment purposes

This parcel of land is 79,333 sq.ft. of flat, arable land situated in Conference in the parish of St. Andrew and is suitably located near two agricultural-related businesses. The vastness in size allows the serious investor the opportunity to erect sheds on the existing concrete slab to store farm equipment so that the flat terrain can be fully utilized for farming. Easy access to the property and relative closeness to the main road are also assets of this property.

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Property Type: Land Laundry:
Bedroom: Storage:
Bathroom: Garage:
Property Area: 79333 sq ft


St. Andrew

Land . bed . bath . 79333 sq ft

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