Transfer Your Money Home

Transferring money into your Co-op Bank account or to your family and friends is made easy with a wire transfer. Simply visit your financial institution and provide them with the following basic information, which would allow for direct transfer into a Co-op Bank account.

Click here for Wire Transfer details

You can also transfer money home using a draft or money order, which can be mailed to us at:

The Manager,
Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited
#8 Church Street
St. George’s
West Indies

Your draft or money order must include:  

  • Your Co-op Bank Account Number
  • Name and Address of the Recipient(s)

We will send you an advice of this credit, showing the amount that was paid into your account.

All incoming funds are subject to compliance and regulatory checks. Beneficiaries may be required to complete a Source of Funds Declaration Form prior to the funds being credited to the account.