Foreign Exchange

Wire transfers The fast, safe and reliable way to send and receive money world-wide for personal or business transactions. Foreign Currency Draft Sending cash through the mail is risky, so when traveling or sending money abroad, a wire transfer is an easy, reliable and economical way to do so. ,Cash Transactions,Non-Cash Transactions ,Customer Sells (Receives EC$), Customer Buys (Pays EC$), Customer Sells (Receives EC$), Customer Buys (Pays EC$) USD,2.6700,2.7169,2.6882,2.7169 CAD, 1.7955,1.9288,1.8355,1.9288 Sterling,3.1666,3.4054,3.2066,3.4054 Euro,2.8180,3.0531,2.8580,3.0531 BDOS,1.34320,1.35680,0.00000,1.35680 TTD,0.00000,0.4116,.00000,0.4116 /table]