What is life without health? Recognizing this, Co-op Bank introduced a Healthier Lifestyles Programme in 2008 to take a proactive approach to healthy lifestyles, and to make vital information available to the public.

The main feature of the Healthier Lifestyles Programme is the annually held Pump It Up! Family Fun Walk, which has illustrated the Bank’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for Grenadians. The campaign commenced during a period when Grenada’s health profile classified diabetes and hypertension as lifestyle diseases.

In an effort to encourage the population to live vibrant and physically active lives, the 3½-mile walk has the main objective of promoting exercise through a fun activity. The annual family fun walk brings together families, businesses, and participants island-wide to bring awareness to the importance of active living. 

Over the years, the proceeds generated from Pump It Up! Family Fun Walk have aided the programmes of many health-focused, local organizations including:

  • 2009 Grenada Heart Foundation
  • 2010 Grenada Diabetes Association
  • 2011 Grenada Kidney Foundation
  • 2012 Sickle Cell Association of Grenada
  • 2013 Grenada Cancer Society
  • 2014 Pink Ribbon Society
  • 2015 Lupus Foundation of Grenada
  • 2016 Carlton Home Rehabilitation Centre

In 2017, Co-op Bank announced that proceeds from Pump It Up! Family Fun Walk would aid in one major sustainable initiative and decided to raise funds toward the re-establishment of the Carlton Home Rehabilitation Centre for substance abusers.

The Bank set a fundraising goal of $500,000 by 2021. To achieve such a tremendous feat, the Bank formed a Trust in 2017 with Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd, FLOW, and Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Limited - the initial corporate citizens - to pool resources for this initiative, making Pump it Up! Family Fun Walk an anticipated signature event every year.