Merchant Services

We offer your business the convenience and opportunity to expand your range of services, with a Point-of Sale machine to accept debit and credit card payments. As a Connex© Merchant you can grow your business, by facilitating Point of Sale and online payments from your customers. Settlements for card transactions will be credited to your account by the following business day.

Merchant is a corporation, firm or individual who has come to agreement with the Bank under Visa ® International Rules and Regulations to honor all Qualified cards upon presentation at a point of sale terminal.

Qualified cards will be utilized for the purchase of goods or the obtaining of services against the use of the Card, the Card number or in any manner authorized by the Cardholder for debit to the card account from time to time.

By accepting payments from credit and debit cardholders, your business joins millions of other enterprises worldwide in improving the quality of Merchant Services by:

  1. Ensuring that your business is equipped to accept cards as a form of payment
  2. Processing transactions in a timely, convenient and secure fashion
  3. Processing transactions upon presentation of proper customer identification to reduce fraudulent activity
  4. Facilitating electronic payments for any transaction amount
  5. Ensuring that discounts and special offers are made available to every cardholder.

As a Connex Merchant, you have the opportunity to benefit from:


  1. Lower discount rates on Connex© transactions
  2. Competitive fees and charges
  3. Positive Brand Association
  4. No more insufficient funds charges
  5. Instant authorization and confirmation of transactions
  6. Faster receipt of payments
  7. Lower operational costs
  8. Improved cash flow
  9. The opportunity to benefit from Connex © marketing campaigns
  10. E-commerce capabilities
  11. Reliable support system

The Connex© mark is posted at each Co-op Bank Merchant and ATM device so that it can be easily identified.

Reap the rewards of an expansion in your customer base, as your business and customers enjoy the benefits of the Connex© experience. Call or visit your nearest Retail Banking Unit (branch) to learn more.