We understand that you may have questions, therefore we have created this section to assist you.

General Information

    1. What is Online Banking?
      It is a convenient, private and secure service that allows you the customer to bank using the internet.
    2. How do I Qualify?
      Firstly you will need to be an account holder. You will need a valid e-mail address, a functioning mobile phone and identification.
    3. How Easy is it to Use?
      It is very simple to use. Once you log in, there are information icons on each page providing an explanation for the various sections. Our User Guide will also be helpful in assisting you to Bank through eBanking, with ease.
    4. What do I Need to Use it?
      All you need is an internet connection for use on your PC or mobile device. For text banking, any cellular phone that can send and receive SMS or text messages, can work.
    5. Is there any cost to use the service?
      A minimal fee for the convenience of specific types of services will be charged.


    1. What are the Features?
      The Co-op Bank eBanking Service will allow you to:
      – View your account balances and print or email your statements
      – Transfer funds between your accounts at the Bank
      – Pay all your utilities and other bills
      – Transfer funds to a friend’s account in Co-op Bank
      – Create and receive account specific alerts
      – Order cash and drafts
      – Order cheque books
      – Report lost or stolen cards issued by the Bank
      – Send secure messages to the Bank’s Customer Support Centre. The Service allows you to track, monitor and manage your finances with programmes specifically designed with you in mind.
      Budgeting – this allows you to set your budget for a specific period and track your spending as it hits your account. You are therefore empowered to manage your finances.
      Analytics – this allows you to categorize your transactions by specific accounts.
    2. How do I log in for the first time?
      On signing up for Co-op Bank’s eBanking Service, you will be provided with a User ID and temporary Password. When you log in for the firs time, you will then be prompted to change your password. The password that you select must be alphanumeric (letters and numbers). Once signed in you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions for using the Service. Please note that you will not be required to accept the Terms and Conditions on future log ins.
    3. What accounts can I manage?
      You will be able to manage all accounts, which you are authorized to operate. These also include joint accounts. The rules of engagement remain the same as if you were to visit any of our Retail Banking Units or Branches.
    4. Can I transfer to accounts that are not mine?
      Yes, you can transfer to any account in Co-op Bank, once that account is also on the eBanking Service. This will fall under the ‘Payment’ tab, where you can make a One-Time Payment, Merchant Payment or Buddy Payment.
    5. What are account nicknames or “aliases”?
      Account nicknames or aliases, are names given to accounts so that they can be easily identified especially when banking using the SMS or texting channel.
    6. What is a mobile ID number and why is it important?
      This is a unique number that is created and entered by you the customer, under the ‘Settings’ tab. When making Buddy Payments, the Mobile ID is required for the ‘buddy’ to whom the payment is being made.
    7. Are all transactions immediate?
      All transfers to and from accounts are immediate. When placing orders, the eBanking tool will advise you of  the time-frame in which the transfer will be ready for pickup.
    8. How far back can I trace my transaction history?
      Our system will provide history up to 90 days or 3 months.

Paying Bills

    1. Which merchants can I pay using this service?
      A list of merchants are provided in our eBanking platform. Once you have successfully logged in to the eBanking platform, you will see the list of merchants under the ‘payment’ tab.
    2. Can I set up recurring payments?
      Yes, this can be done by setting up the payment under Merchant Payments and your payment details will be saved, however, you will be required to activate whenever the next payment is due.
    3. Can I view information completed?
      Yes, a history of payments is maintained.


    1. How do I ensure that my log in is safe?
      • Check your URL bar to ensure that it states ‘https://’. The ‘s’ advises that the connection is secure
      • Ensure the URL bar is a flashing green
      • You should also see a padlock in the same area
      • Ensure that the Verisign logo is present
    2. Is the password case sensitive?
    3. Why do I keep getting locked out?
      One of the security features of the service is the time-out feature. Once your session remains inactive for a specific period, it will automatically log you out.
    4. What do I do when I’m finished with the session?
      When you are finished with your session, it is important that you log out of eBanking. This will prevent someone from accessing your banking information after you have completed your transaction. This applies specifically when you are using a public computer.
    5. What do I do if I notice suspicious activity?
      If something looks suspicious and/or you believe that your connection is not safe, abort, and notify the eBanking Support Centre of the Bank immediately (eBanking@grenadaco-opbank.com or 1 (473) 440-2111).


    1. What kind of cellular phone do I need to access this service?
      The simplest of cell phones can be used to access the Service, once SMS or texting is enabled.
    2. Are there fees attached to the mobile service?
      A minimal fee for the convenience of specific types of services may be charged. Fees charged by your Telecom Service Provider are separate.
    3. Can I use someone else’s phone number for the service?
      No, you MUST use your personal cell phone number for mobile and Text Banking.
    4. Can I make payments and do transfers on my mobile device?
      Yes, you are able to make payments and do transfers using any mobile device. The minimum functionality of the device is its ability to send and receive SMS or text.


    1. What are mobile Apps?
      They are internet applications that run on smartphones and display content in a user-friendly manner, specific to the type of phone.
    2. Which devices are the Co-op Bank’s eBanking Mobile App available for?
      The Co-op Bank eBanking Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android devices.
    3. How do I download the Co-op Bank eBanking Mobile App to my phone?
      To download simply visit the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play and search for keywords ‘Co-op Bank’ and start the download.
    4. Is there a fee attached for the use of the Co-op Bank eBanking App?
      You can download and use the Co-op Bank eBanking Mobile App free of charge.


  1. How do I use Text Banking?
    The (SMS) Text channel can be used as follows:
    1. Save the Text Phone Number (or short code) in your address book. The number is 2667 or COOP. If you are overseas, depending on your service provider, send text messages to: 1 (473) 407-2667  for LIME or 1 (473) 415-2667  for Digicel.
    2. Send the text commands to the short code 2667, using SMS or text, to start banking.
  2. How current is my account information when using Text Banking?
    The information received through Text banking is provided in real time (current), and will reflect the actual balance on your account as at that point in time.
  3. What do I do if I forget the text commands?
    If you forget the text commands, simple text HELP to the short code 2667 and all text commands will be provided.