Working while studying is never an easy feat. Life’s demands drag you in multiple directions and it becomes quite a balancing act to juggle full or part-time work and your studies.  For many students, funding their studies through full or part-time work is the only means of financing their education. Here is how to maintain a positive work/life balance so that your studies or your job does not suffer.


Consider taking on full-time or part-time work that is related to your studies. If you are working in a job that is related to some of the skills that you are learning in the classroom, it becomes a great way to gain practical, professional experience in your field. Also, when you can readily apply what you learn in the classroom to your job, juggling both responsibilities become less daunting.


Before applying for any part-time job, you should first think about your study schedule. Be honest with yourself about the hours and type of work that you can take on. Time management is a key component to academic and professional success. So, you should ensure that your time is managed effectively by making schedules, prioritizing your work and honestly assessing the amount of time you waste.

Your physical and emotional well-being plays a major role in your academic, professional, and personal success. Take time to establish and maintain an active plan for staying healthy. Remember, nothing will get done well if you are emotionally or physically drained. Plan exercise and creative activities into your week to help keep you energized.


Managing the multiple demands of your job and school, can be challenging, but you can be successful. Many students work and study simultaneously, so you are surely not alone

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