Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited continues to support local communities. On  Tuesday April 9, 2024, the Bank made a generous donation of $ 20,000 to assist with  the relief and recovery efforts for the families affected by the fire that destroyed five  homes in the village of Chantimelle, St. Patrick. The presentation was made at a joint  ceremony hosted by Co-op Bank and Jonas Browne and Hubbard (G’da) Ltd. at the  site of the fire. 

Dr. Aaron Logie, Executive Manager, Finance and Wealth Management Services at  Co-op Bank and a past resident of the area presented the donation to Ms. Faith  Phillip, chairperson of the CHANTIVIC Fire Committee. While speaking at the  ceremony, Dr. Logie extended heartfelt sympathies to the families affected by the  recent devastating fire and assured them that the thoughts and prayers of the Co-op  Bank family are with them during this difficult time. 

Dr. Logie remarked, “As Grenada’s only local commercial bank, with a branch  strategically located to serve the people of St. Patrick, and staff who currently reside  or are deeply rooted in the community of Chantimelle, it is only fitting that we step  forward and generously support this community in its time of need.”  

According to Dr. Logie, “Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited believes in the power of  partnerships, the joining of forces and resources to support one another during  challenging times. And so, we have partnered with Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da)  Ltd., a like-minded corporate entity, ready to respond to the need at hand. Like us,  they understood that collectively, we can do more.” He also made a special plea to  corporate Grenada and individuals locally and in the diaspora to support this worthy 

cause. “The size of your contribution does not matter, as collectively, it will amount  to more.”  

Co-op Bank reaffirms its commitment to supporting our communities and standing  with our neighbours in their time of need.

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