On September 28th, 2021, Mr. Benedict Brathwaite was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited. Established in 1932, Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited is Grenada’s largest indigenous commercial bank with assets of over $1.4B, two hundred (200) highly trained staff, five (5) Retail Banking Units, Broker-Dealer operations, and a network of thirty (30) Automatic Teller Machines.

Mr. Brathwaite is a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience from a long career in accounting, auditing, finance management and corporate governance. Mr. Brathwaite is an accredited director who has held senior level positions at several institutions in Grenada, including Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. and the National Insurance Board. Additionally, Mr. Brathwaite has served as director at the National Insurance Board and the Grenada Development Bank.

The Directors of Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited welcome Mr. Brathwaite to the Bank’s governance and oversight team and look forward to his sterling contribution in fulfilment of the Board’s mandate to provide strategic guidance and oversight within the company’s corporate governance framework.


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