Credit Card

A Credit Card is an International Card that can be used to conduct direct or online purchasing and cash advances.  The credit card account is structured as a revolving line of credit.  The cardholder does not need to repay the full amount due each month, but may choose to make a partial payment equal to or above the minimum payment shown on the monthly statement.

Co-op Bank has three types of Credit Cards:

  • Classic / Standard
  • Gold
  • Business


Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard: A primary card that offers global payment services and worldwide acceptance.  Limit is below US$5,000 / EC $13,500.

Visa / MasterCard Gold: A premium card that provides more value to cardholders than a classic or standard card in terms of the spending limits.  Limit is US$5,000 / EC$13,500 or more.

Visa Corporate / Business: A convenient card designed to enable mid-to-large sized companies to manage travel, entertainment and other expenses.

Co-op Bank’s Credit Card is:

  • More Convenient

Using your Visa/MasterCard card is fast and easy
You have access your funds 24/7
Purchases are possible at millions of locations worldwide that accept Visa/MasterCard cards

  • More Secure

There’s no need to keep cash on hand — so you make fewer trips to the ATM and don’t need to fumble for change. Besides, trying to find an ATM to get cash to go to make a purchase can be time-consuming, unsafe and inconveniencing.  Any funds taken from your account due to fraudulent use could be disputed and once substantiated you can get your monies back.

  • Better Record Keeping

Your Visa/MasterCard card transactions are automatically deducted from your account; your monthly account statement provides full details of your purchases, including merchant name, location, date and amount. You’ll enjoy money management you don’t get using cash or checks.

Requirements to own a Credit Card:

  • A completed application form with customer signing both the front and back of form.
  • Employment for at least one year.
  • Submission of current job letter indicating length of employment and annual salary.
  • Full security provided; CASH-100% cash security with salary assignment or 125% security without salary assignment. MORTGAGE- Stamped to cover requested amount at the discernment of loans officer.
  • Valid identification presented.


For Cardholders,  Card Inquiry Online service is available, click the link: