On Sunday April 21, 2024, thousands of people in bright orange shirts took to the streets of St. George, participating in the 13th Co-op Bank Pump It Up Family Fun Walk, the main feature of  the Bank’s Healthier Lifestyles Programme.  

After a short opening ceremony and warm-up session, the walk began promptly at 4:00 p.m. from  the Morne Rouge playing field to the Kirani James Athletics Stadium. While most participants  took the normal route, others opted to tackle the challenge route up Lowther’s Lane, down  Marrast Hill, through River Road, and on to the Kirani James Athletics Stadium. 

In 2024, the curtains were brought down on the collaboration between Co-op Bank and corporate  Grenada, which began in 2017 with an aim to raise $500,000 for the benefit of one major  sustainable initiative – the re-establishment of the Carlton Home.  

This year, the contributions of the benefactors totaled $45,000 which has been placed in the Trust  Fund created for the initiative. Additionally, the Bank made its customary contribution of $1.50  per mile for each registered participant: 485 participants in Carriacou, and 4,377 in Grenada on  both the regular and challenge routes, totaling $26,215 for the Carriacou and Grenada events. 

In Carriacou, on April 14, the presentation of $3,000 was made to Hon. Tevin Campbell, Minister  for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Local Government. On Sunday April 21, the  Bank’s Managing Director presented $23,215 to Hon. Delma Thomas, Minister for Mental Health,  Wellness, and Religious Affairs, the ministry which the Bank will continue to work closely with to  see the re-establishment of the Carlton Home brought to fruition.  

Speaking to participants during the closing ceremony of the 2024 Pump It Up Family Fun Walk  at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium, Mr. Larry Lawrence, Managing Director of Co-op Bank,  announced that the target of $500,000 was surpassed. 

Mr. Lawrence stated that the Bank’s contribution, pledges made by benefactors, and other  donations towards this project amounted to $584,392, that is $84,392 above the target, which  is a tremendous feat. Mr. Lawrence reminded participants that the funds will be used for the  outfitting of the facility and will continue to be managed by the Board of Trustees made up of the  three (3) initial benefactors and the Bank until construction of the facility is complete.

Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd (Hubbard’s), FLOW Grenada Ltd, and Guardian General  Insurance (OECS) Limited were the first benefactors coming on board to support the initiative in  2017. They were followed by Antillean Group in 2018, Coyaba Beach Resort in 2019, and Waggy  T Rentals & Sounds Co. and Body Image Health Club in 2020. Hubbard’s, FLOW, Guardian  General Insurance and Antillean Group remained as benefactors for the 2023-24 period.  

Between 2009-2016, different health related charities have benefitted from the proceeds of the  walk, including the Grenada Heart Foundation, Grenada Diabetes Association, Grenada Kidney  Foundation and Sickle Cell Foundation of Grenada, Grenada Cancer Society, Pink Ribbon Society  and Lupus Foundation of Grenada. The Bank remains committed to promoting vibrant and  physically active lifestyles, encouraging preventative approaches to health issues, and making  information concerning health matters available to the public as part of its Healthier Lifestyles  Programme.

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