Co-op Bank launched its Healthier Lifestyles Programme on June 12, 2008 to promote vibrant and physically active lifestyles. The objectives of the programme were to:

  • create an awareness of healthy living and physical exercise
  • promote a proactive approach to health issues
  • make available to the public vital information concerning health matters.

To achieve these objectives, the Bank created the event Pump it Up! Family Fun Walk in 2009 which has been held each year since. Pump it Up! is executed in both Carriacou and Grenada, and has grown significantly over the years, with participation of over 4,000 persons. The event targets the family, workplaces and communities. Walking is one of the simplest and more inexpensive forms of exercise, and can be fun while supporting a worthy cause.

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The Bank is making the final push to raise funds toward the re-establishment of services at the Carlton Home rehabilitation center for substance abusers. This effort continues to be made jointly with the esteemed benefactors – Hubbard’s, Flow, Guardian General Insurance and Antillean Group, who gave their further commitment in 2023 to finish the fundraising effort.

From 2020 to 2022, Co-op Bank made the decision not to hold the walk due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The walk returned in 2023 with overwhelming support from the community; and this year, the Bank and its benefactors are welcoming the support once more as we make the final push to achieve the financial goal of $500,000 toward the re-establishment of the Carlton Home. 

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Flow was the first to connect the Caribbean people, governments and businesses with best in class telecoms networks across broadband, fixed and mobile services. Today, they remain a telecoms tour de force, unmatched in every market they serve in the Caribbean as the sole full service ‘go to’ provider.

Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Limited

Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Limited (Hubbard’s) is a publicly held Limited Liability Company, established by local entrepreneurs in 1972. Today, the company stocks a wide range of quality goods sourced from many countries. These goods include lumber, hardware, appliances, furniture, food items and vehicles. Hubbard’s incorporates and promotes the concepts of superior quality and demand-driven service, both of which begin and end with the customer. This requires a well-developed functional relationship with suppliers, and is heavily reliant on well-trained and highly-motivated employees.

Antillean Finance & Investment Group Inc.

Antillean Finance & Investment Group Inc. (Antillean Group) is driven by its mission to provide innovative and diversified insurance products for the financial security and peace-of-mind of all its customers.
As a locally owned and operated group of companies, Antillean understands that its social responsibility is as important as the strength of its balance sheet. With their focus on three key areas, education, sports and culture Antillean Group is committed to improving lives within the society they operate.
Along with their experienced and qualified team, and support from world leaders in re-insurance, Antillean Group insures you “Live Well Financially”!

Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Limited

The Guardian Group is committed to executing its lines of business in a socially conscious way, maintaining ethical corporate governance practices in all territories in which it operates. As a customer-centric company, Guardian Group values people, trust, integrity and quality in the delivery of service; a four prong framework which also informs its approach to corporate social responsibility. The Guardian Group actively encourages individual and societal development by supporting efforts to improve wellbeing and realize human potential in the communities and territories where the company operates.

The Mission

Every year since 2009, the Bank chose a different health related non-profit organization to be the recipient of the financial proceeds generated from the Pump it Up! Family Fun Walk. In 2016, the Bank decided to change its focus and concentrate its charitable efforts on one major sustainable initiative.

Recognizing the negative impacts of substance abuse on the country’s population, the Bank decided to raise funds until 2021 toward the re-establishment of the Carlton Home.

Carlton Home is a Rehabilitation Center for substance abusers in Grenada, and was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and subsequently completely destroyed by fire a few years later. The services of the institution have assisted many substance abusers to get back on their feet and contribute positively to the society. The intent is that at the end of the period, at least $500,000 would have been raised.