Mama Cannes, St. Andrew

Property for Sale: 

This property, located on a gentle slope in Mama Cannes, St. Andrew, measures 19,329.75 sq. ft. It is located approximately 6 miles from the town of Grenville and 13 miles from the town of St. George.

The lot contains a single-story concrete dwelling house with a floor area of approximately 980 sq. ft., which is divided into two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living and dining area, a kitchen, and a verandah.

The land is easily accessible through an allowed road and is within proximity to all utilities and services. Public transportation, schools, shops, supermarkets, churches, and recreational facilities are all within 1 mile.

This property may be ideal if you are looking for a low-income home or a home with potential for rental income. The construction allows for the addition of a ground floor that can be converted into apartments.

 The property can be identified on Google Maps using the following Latitude/Longitude coordinates: 12.067056, -61.646472 

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Mrs. Viola Charter, [email protected] , Tele# 449-5783 440 2111/Ext 6264

or Jacquelyn Phillip [email protected], Tele # 404-5783, 440-2111/ Ext 6323


Property Type: Residential Laundry:
Bedroom: 2 Storage:
Bathroom: 1 Garage:
Property Area: 980 sq ft

Residential . 2 bed . 1 bath . 980 sq ft

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