R40 Bathway Development, St. Patrick

This property is a two-storey residential building situated in the picturesque residential area of Chambord Estate or Bathway Development, St. Patrick’s. The building sits on approximately 19, 350 sq. ft. of land which slopes from the southeast to the northwest with a view of Bathway Beach, Green Island, and Sandy island towards the northeast. It consists of a two storey reinforced concrete structure with a total square footage of approximately 5,387 sq. ft.

The ground floor is approximately 2,635 sq.ft. and is divided into two areas: An apartment consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a verandah, and an open area that is used for parking, storage, and a general utility area. The first floor is approximately 2,752 sq. ft and contains a master suite, two additional bedrooms that share a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, and two dining areas.

It is the ideal property if you are:

  • Planning to start or already have a family
  • Considering the convenience of buying instead of building your home
  • Returning home from overseas to enjoy your retirement years

Take advantage of this prime residential property and Make it Yours!

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Property Type: Residential Laundry:
Bedroom: 5 Storage: 1
Bathroom: 3 Garage: 1
Property Area: 5387 sq ft

Bathway Development

St. Patrick

Residential . 5 bed . 3 bath . 5387 sq ft

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